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ABEI Journal - The Brazilian Journal of Irish Studies


Content of Issues Nos. 1 – 5 : 1999  2000  2001  2002  2003  2004


Editors: Munira H. Mutran and Laura P. Z. Izarra


The Journal is published once a year, in June, by ABEI - Associação Brasileira de Estudos Irlandeses *

(Brazilian Association of Irish Studies)




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ABEI Journal - The Brazilian Journal of Irish Studies – Issue No. 1 - June 1999  118 p


Editors: Munira H. Mutran & Laura P.Z. de Izarra







Brian Maguire and the Casa da Cultura Project at  Vila Prudente, São Paulo.  James Concagh


The Critic and the Author

The Feminisation of Famine: Enlarging the Inquiry.  Maureen Murphy
The Feminisation of Famine.  Margareth Kelleher

Margaret Kelleher’s response to Maureen Murphy’s article.



A Note on Paula Meehan.  Maurice Harmon

‘Unroofed  Scope’?:  Heaney in the Nineties.  Ruy Carvalho Homem
James Simmons: a poet like no other.  John P. Kirby



The Fiction of Roddy Doyle.  Rudiger Imhof

Embalming Life or Celebrating Action?  Laura P.  Zuntini de Izarra
and Modern  Irish Satire.  José Lanters
Wilde´s Thread in the Fabric of Decadent Art.  Munira H. Mutran



From the Streets of Dublin to the Streets of New York, Manchester,
LiverpoolDion Boucicault´s construction of melodramas.  Rosana Beyer                                                        

At the Threshold of the New Drama with Bernard Shaw and Granville Barker.  Gloria Sydenstriker



Denis Johnston’s Jonathan Swift.  Joseph Ronsley


Book Reviews

Robert Tracy.  The Unappeasable Host.  Marie Arndt
Brian Fallon. An Age of Innocence: Irish Culture 1930-1960.  Marie Arndt
Irishche Dramatiker der Gegenwart,,
hrsg.  Von Jochen Achilies und Rudiger Imhof.  Werner Huber
Jennifer Joh
nston’s Works.  Rudiger  Imhof




ABEI Journal - The Brazilian Journal of Irish Studies – Issue No. 2 - June 2000  197 p.


Editors: Munira H. Mutran & Laura P.Z. de Izarra




The Lizard.  Michael Longley

Late Summer Lake Nojiri.  Maurice Hannon    



At the Hawk’s Well - a dialogue between Japan and the West through the dances of a hawk woman.  Christine Greiner     


The Critic and the Author

Reading Contemporary Irish Literature.  Nicholas Grene  

Irish Writers and Reputation.  Christina Hunt Mahoney’s response to NichoIas Grene           



The Colloquy of the OId Men: An Introduction.  Maurice Hannon  

“The Penetration and Illumination of Life’s Experience” in James Joyce’s Ulysses and Gerard Manley Hopkins’s Poetry. 

Donald E. Morse          



Bernville’s Fiction Comes of Age as It Lays to Rest Old Ghosts.  Dawn Duncan   



The Playwright’s Response to the Colonial Process: Innovatory Dramatic Structure in Brian Friel’s

The Freedom of The City (1973) and David Ruskin’s The Saxon Shore (1986).  Peter James Harris           

Elgar and Shaw.  Stanley Weinfraub     


Travel Literature and History

The Voyage of St. Brendan: Celtic Otherworld Tale, Christian Apologia or Medieval Travelog?  James Doan

Prince of Ulster or Arch-Traitor? The self-fashioning of Hugh O’Neill.  Eoin O‘Néill and Irene Portela          


Autobiography and Biography

Newman by Himself; New Man, by O’Faolain.  Munira Hamud Mutran



Presenting and Translating Michael Hartnett / Mícheál Ó hAirtnéide (1941-1999).  Heleno Godoy

Finnegans Wake - O mamafesto.  Donaldo Schuler       


The Irish in South America

Living Memory.  Patrick Clarke 

Language and Literature of the lrish in Argentina.  Juan José Delaney      


Book Reviews

Irish Contemporary Novels.  Rudiger Imhoff

Rural Ireland.  Leonardo Mendes

Beckett and 2Oth Century Criticism.  Maria Silvia Betti

Selected Plays of M. J. Molloy.  Beatriz Kopschitz Xavier Bastos           


Voices from Brazil

Surviving on Paper: Recent Indigenous Writing in Brazil.  Lynn Mário Menezes de Souza  


News from Brazil

Publications, Books received, Events                                                                             



Oscar Wilde & Sean O’Faolain





ABEI Journal - The Brazilian Journal of Irish Studies – Issue No. 3 - June 2001  214 p.


Editors: Munira H. Mutran & Laura P.Z. de Izarra






Alba.  Samuel Beckett

Alba.  Translation by Maria Helena Kopschitz

Person Helicon.  Seamus Heaney

Hélicon pessoal.  Translation by Millôr Fernandes.  Translation by Rui Carvalho Homem


The Critic and the Author

The Politics of Irish Drama.  Peter Harris

Author’s Response.  Nicholas Grene



Marina Carr's “Heap of Broken Mirrors”: The Mai (1994).  Donald E. Morse

Helen Waddell’s The Spoiled Buddha: Intercultural and Gynocentric Dimensions of an Irish Play.  Wolfgang Zach



Sanscreed Latinized: The Wake in Brazil and Hispanic America.  Haroldo de Campos

Thomas Crofton Corker’s Fairy Legends: A Revaluation.  Heinz Kosok

Ireland and Europe: The “European Experience” in selected Works of Modern Irish Fiction,  Dore Fischer



The Awakening of the Fires: A Survey of George Russell – AE´s Mystical Writings (1897-1933).  Jerry Nolan


Reflections, Misrecognitions, Messianisms and Identifications: Towards an Epistemology of Irish Nationalism.  Eugene O’Brien



Greeting from Brazil in Our Friends!  People, Place and Tradition in Paul Duran’s Poetry.  Charlie Boland


The Irish in South America

Irish Diasporic Literary Voices in South American Border Narratives.  Laura P.Z. de Izarra


Book Reviews

The Fiction of Colm Tóibín.  Rudiger Imhof

Liam O´Flaherty´s Letters.  John Cronin

Playing Boal in Northern Ireland.  José Roberto O´Shea                                              

Greetings to Paul Durcan.  Luci Colin Lavalle

Irish Nocturnes.  Magda Velloso F. Tolentino

Richard Blake Martin, A Novel.  Charlie Boland


Voices from Brazil  On the Portuguese-Brazilian Practices of Representation of the Seventeenth Century (1580-1750). 

João Adolfo Hansen


News from Brazil  Events  Books Received

Remembering  Looking Forward: The Future of Irish Studies.  Adele Dalsimer


In memoriam The Place of Images in Irish Studies: Dedicated to the Memory of Adele Dalsimer. 

Vera Kreilkamp  





ABEI Journal - The Brazilian Journal of Irish Studies – Issue No. 4 - June 2002  196 p.


Editors: Munira H. Mutran & Laura P.Z. de Izarra




Editors’ Introduction


The Critic and the Author

The Vanishing Ideas of Séan O’Faolain.  Jerry Nolan

Author’s Response: The Inside Outside Complexity of Séan O’Faolain.  Marie Arndt

Deconstructing the Question of Irish Identity.  Tony Corbett

Author’s Response: Theory as Agent.  Eugene O’Brien



Italy, Garibaldi and Goldoni give Lady Gregory ‘a Room with a Different  View’.  Carla de Petris

Teenagers’ “Gender Trouble” and Trickster Aesthetics in Gina Moxley’s Danti Dan.  Mária Kurdi

Traitors to the prevailing mythologies of the four other provinces”?:

A tribute to Field Day on their twentieth anniversary.  Martine Pelletier



The Construction of Identity in John Banville's The Book of Evidence.  Cielo Griselda Festino

James Joyce and the Life Cycle: The Unfolded Picture.  Donald Morse

The Irish in South America

Re-Writing the Irish Immigration.  Guillermo McLoughlin Bréard

From the Putumayo to Connemara: Roger Casement’s Amazon Voyage of Discovery.  Peter James Harris

Book Reviews

That They May Face the Rising Sun: The Apex of John McGahern's Fiction.  Rüdiger Imhof

Continente Irlanda.  Aurora Bernardini

The alphabet according to Paul Muldoon: To Ireland, I.    Ruben Moi

Travelling Towards Utopia.  Renato Sandoval

Hollywood and the Nation.  Marcos Soares

Brian Gallagher’s Fiction.  Noélia Borges

Voices from Brazil

Preludes to Modernism in Brazil.  Telê Ancona Lopez


News from Brazil 

Events.  Books Received.  In Memorian. 







ABEI Journal - The Brazilian Journal of Irish Studies – Special Issue No. 5 - June 2003  362 p.


Editors: Munira H. Mutran & Laura P.Z. de Izarra




Editors´ Introduction



Interrelations: Blake and Yeats.  Rachel V. Billigheimar

Social Coercion: The Field Meets Waking Ned Devine.  Jerry Griswold

The Trouble with Being Borrowed: Flann O’Brien’s Characters in Gilbert Sorrentino’s Mulligan Stew,  Pawel Hejmanowski

Textual Anthropology and the ‘Imagined Community’.  Peter Kuch

Cage and Joyce.  Sérgio Medeiros

Brazilian readings of British Decadentism Abgar Renault and Pedro Nava recreate W.B. Yeats and A. V. Beardsley. 

Solange Ribeiro de Oliveira

The Wild West Show: Ireland in the 1930s.  David Pierce

The Greek Influence on Primitive Irish Literature.  Ramón Sainero

Urban and Intellectual Beauty: Aspects of Oscar Wilde’s Influence.  Linda Wong



´Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone’: Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly Gang.  Frank Molloy

“The Imagery and Arguments Pertaining to the Issue of Free Immigration in the Anglo-Irish Press in Rio de Janeiro:

Aspects of an Economic and Political Controversy between Great Britain and Brazil, 1865-1870”.  Miguel Alexandre de Araujo Neto

Travelling With Desmond Hogan: Writing Beyond Ireland.  Jerry Nolan

Picture Bride: Fact or Image? – Immigration from Ireland and Japan.  Mitsuko Ohno


Documents of the self

All Politics is Local.  James Doan

Tomas O Crohan’s Autobiography: A Cultural Analysis of Robin Flower’s English Translation.  Irene Lucchitti

Shaw’s Sculptress-kathleen Scott.  Stanley Weintraub



Denis Johnston’s Revisionist Theatre.  Beatriz Kopschitz Bastos

Statistics And The Canon: Irish Theatre Historiography Beyond The Diaspora.  Peter James Harris

Stayley’s The Rival Theatres and metatheatre1.  Margarida Gandara Rauen

Fatal Fathers and Sons in Tom Murphy’s A Whistle in the Dark.  Hedwig Schwall

Paper Knowledge. Books, Maps, Letters: the Written Word in Brian Friel’s Plays.  Giovanna Tallone

What Makes Johnny Run?  Shaw’s “Man and Superman” as a Pre-Freudian Dream Play.  Rodelle Weintraub



Reading O’Connor’s My Oedipus Complex.  Clélia Reis Geha

The Ontological Imperative in Irish Writing.  Derek Hand

Infinite Regress and the Darkness of Reason – Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman in the Context of Greek Cosmology. 

Nigel Hunter

Uncle Silas: Forms of Desire in the Gothic house.  Maria Conceição Monteiro



“An Old Song Resung and Revisited” by W.B.Yeats.  Genilda Azerêdo

Dhomhnaill’s Poetry as a Challenge to Patriarchy in the Irish Literary Tradition.  Nadilza Martins de Barros Moreira



Translating Brendan Kennelly’s Poetic Prose: The Crooked Cross or the claustrophobic representation of a Classic-Irish Odyssey.  Giuliana Bendelli

Translating Joyce.  Bernardina da Silveira Pinheiro

Translating Oscar Wilde and Liam O’Flaherty.  Flavia Maria Samuda





ABEI Journal - The Brazilian Journal of Irish Studies – Issue No. 6 - June 2004  272 p.


Editors: Munira H. Mutran & Laura P.Z. de Izarra





Bloomsday Centenary

Lucia Loyce: To Dance in the Wake by Carol Loeb Shloss.  John Banville

Thinking about Brazil and Bloomsday.  Colin McCabe

Joyce´s Ulysses: The Music of Chapter 11.  Aila de Oliveira Gomes

Chulainn, Finn, and the Mythic Strands in Ulysses.  Maria Tymoczko


The Critic and Author

Endless Beginnings” in the Criticism of Banville´s Writings.  Laura P. Zuntini de Izarra

Reply toEndless Beginnings” by Laura P. Zuntini de Izarra.  Derek Hand



Whistling Psyche.  Sebastián Barry



The Problematics of Authenticity”: John Banville´s Shroud.  Rudiger Imhof

The postmodern folktales of Éilís Dhuibhne.  Elke D´hoker

Swift´s Gentle Yahoo and the Arts in Our Time.  Marshall Walter



The Other Irish Revolution: the Writing of History.  David Harkness


The Irish in South America

Linguistic and Cultural Aspects of the Irish Settlers in Buenos Aires as Seen in Tales of the Pampas, by William Bulfin. 

Juan José Delaney

How the Irish became “Gauchos Ingleses”: Diasporic Models in Irish-Argentine Literatura.  Edmundo Murray



Interview with John Banville.  Luiz Marcello Bittencourt

Internview with Christina Reid.  Mária Kurdi


Books Review

Colm Tóibín.  Rudiger Imhof

The Crooked Cross.  Aurora F. Bernardini

Álbum de Retratos.  Carlos Daghlian

Who are you?”  “I am Ireland – Mise Eire” – (in the 21st. Century).  Cielo G. Festino

The Art of Lennox Robinson.  Peter James Harris

The Representation of Ireland/s.  Luci Collin Lavalle

Going alter the Wish for Silence: Understanding Some of Beckett´s Voices.  Ann Helena Souza


President Mary McAleese at the University of São Paulo (USP): 

EU enlargement and Ireland´s experience in the EU, focusing on

the implications for political culturure and sense of national identity.


Voice from Brazil

Guimarães Rosa´s poetics and the sertão.  Sandra Guardini T. Vasconcelos


Books Received



In memoriam - Haroldo de Campos                                                                  





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