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Irish Literature in Brazil since 1888


Bibliographic details of works by or about Irishwriters

that have been translated into (Brazilian) Portuguese


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             (Rio de Janeiro) - All of Ireland’s four Nobel Prize winners in literature, viz., Samuel Beckett, Seamus Heaney, George Bernard Shaw and William Butler Yeats, are among the 40 or so Irish and Anglo-Irish authors whose works have been translated into (Brazilian) Portuguese since 1888, the date that Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift was first published in Brazil.  The classic, with a foreword by Brazilian writer Rui Barbosa, was published thirty five years after the death of Joana Cristina Swift Macedo, an apparent relative of Swift who lived in Rio (24/7/1810 - 12/6/1853).


Over 400 translations of works by or about Irish authors have been completed to-date. In terms of “ranking”, works by Oscar Wilde would top the list for the most number of pages translated into Portuguese to-date, followed by James Joyce, Jonathan Swift, George Bernard Shaw, Bram Stoker, and Samuel Beckett.  Gulliver’s Travels by Swift, as well as The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, are just two works which have proven to be extremely popular with readers in Brazil down through the years.


Only fifteen translations of works by Irish authors seem to have been made between 1888 and 1944. Most of George Bernard Shaw’s works were translated over a ten-year period from 1945 to 1955 by Editora Melhoramentos in São Paulo (SP), and are now mostly out of print.  Over one hundred editions of works by other Irish writers were published during the seven-year period from 1995 to 2001. Selected works by Samuel Beckett, Bernard Shaw, John Millington Synge and Oscar Wilde have been staged in Brazil since the 1940s. See: Irish drama in Brazil since 1940 


Ireland Literature Exchange (I L E), the national literature agency in Ireland responsible for the promotion of literature in translation has provided funding to three Brazilian publishers to-date (Editora Record RJ, Companhia das Letras SP and Editora Estação Liberdade SP) for the translation of books written by eight Irish writers; John Banville, Eoin Colfer, Seamus Deane, Roddy Doyle, Neil Jordan, Colum McCann, Nuala O´Faolain and Colm Tóibín.  Those funds were particularly well spent in the case of Artemis Fowl - o menino prodígio do crime by Eoin Colfer, which was translated and published by Editora Record in 2001.  It was one of Brazil’s top ten selling books for 14 weeks up to the end of December of that year.


A number of Brazilian intellectuals are associated with certain Irish writers, such as Marcello Rollemberg at the University of São Paulo (USP) who has translated works by Oscar Wilde.  Professor Bernardina da Silveira Pinheiro (RJ) brought out a new translation of James Joyce’s Ulysses for Bloomsday in 2005.  Professor Donald Schuler in Porto Alegre (RS) published an adaptation of Finnegans Wake in five bilingual volumes between 1999 and 2003, and poet and writer Haroldo de Campos R.I.P. (SP) translated parts of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake in 1962.  He, together with Professor Munira H. Mutran of USP, coordinated the annual Bloomsday celebrations at Finnegans Pub (SP) for many years.  That task now falls to poet Marcelo Tápia. Lenerson Polonini (SP), Rubens Rusche (SP) and Gerald Thomas (RJ) have all directed plays by Samuel Beckett.  Eduardo Tolentino de Araújo (SP) has directed plays by George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde. Domingos Nunez (SP) has staged a number of works by contemporary Irish writers.


About 80 of the 330 titles listed below can be found at local bookshops and on the web site. Most of the remaining 250 books on the list are out of print, especially those by Samuel Beckett and George Bernard Shaw.  Such works can sometimes be found at local bookshops dealing in rare and second-hand books known as Sebos [see Estante Virtual & Guia dos Sebos (Guide to Sebos) by Antonio Carlos Secchin, RJ: Editora Nova Fronteira]. Over 200 of the books listed can be read at Rio’s National Library - Biblioteca Nacional , which by law is entitled to receive at least one copy of every book published in Brazil [Lei do Deposito Legal.  Lei 10.994 of 14.12.2004]. There is naturally a certain lead-time before such works appear on the shelves there.  Some of the many rare works held at that library include a translation of The Ballad of Reading Goal by Oscar Wilde dated 1899 - only 20 copies were published, an English edition of Gulliver’s Travels published in 1743 by George Faulkner, Dublin, as well as a 450-page book about Ireland dated 1658 and written in Latin. Books about Irish literature in general can researched using the Google Book Search web site, and Google Alerts can provide news about individual authors. Book prices can be compared at the web site.


Notes on other literary links between Brazil and Ireland


Irish literature courses at the University of São Paulo (USP) began in 1980 with Prof. Munira H. Mutran - C.V.


The library of the Department of Modern Letters (FFLCH) at USP contains the largest

collection of works in Brazil by Irish authors in the English language. Many of the books

there were donated by the Irish Government and visiting dignitaries

[FFLCH, BibliotecaCentral; Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes - Trav. 12,350; 05508-900 Cid. Universitária,

São Paulo, SP. e: ].


·       Three works of art by Irish artist Louis Le Brocquy entitled Study towards an image of

·       James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and William Butler Yeats, respectively, were donated by

·       Ireland to Rio’s Modern Art Museum (MAM) in 1980 following a fire there in 1978.


Senator David Norris gave a talk on Joyce and Homer: A Clash of Titans at the Brazilian

Academy of Letters (ABL), Rio, to mark the ABL´s centenary commemorations, 25.09.97.


Digital images of James Joyce by Brazilian artist João Luiz Roth, UFSM


During a state luncheon hosted in Brasília on 18 July 2001 by the former President

of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, in honour of the former Taoiseach (Irish

Prime Minister) Mr. Bertie Ahern T.D., George Bernard Shaw was quoted by Mr.

Cardoso in the context of the growing relations between the two countries:

“Take care to get what you like, or you will end up liking what you get.”


The 22nd edition of Watermelon (Melancia) by Marian Keyes was published in 2008.

She now appears to be the most widely read contemporary Irish writer in Brazil.


Bloomsday centenary celebrations were held in eight Brazilian cities in 2004.

|  Bloomsday 2005  |  Bloomsday 2006  | Bloomsday 2008  |  Bloomsday 2009  |


Translation of James Joyce into Guarani by Sérgio Medeiros.


A Street (Rua) in the town of Paraty near Rio de Janeiro, which each year hosts

FLIP - an international literary festival, was officially renamed Rua James Joyce in

honour of the writer in 2004.


Colm Tóibín was a guest speaker of the FLIP festival that year to mark the Bloomsday

centenary celebrations.  He was also a guest of the XII International Book Fair of Rio

in 2005.  Anne Enright and Edna O´Brien were guest speakers at FLIP in 2009.


ABEI Journal - The Brazilian Journal of Irish Studies is now in its 10th Consecutive

year of publication (2008). Published by the Brazilian Association of Irish Studies

Associação Brasileira de Estudos Irlandeses.


On 29.09.09 an agreement was signed to establish a Chair of Irish Studies, to be called the

W.B. Yeats Chair of Irish Studies, at the Faculty of Philosophy, Language and Human Sciences

at the University of Sao Paulo. The Irish Embassy at Brasilia will provide on an annual

basis and for an initial period of three years, the sum of € 12,000 (R$ 31,000). Invited

guest lecturers from Ireland and other universities in Brazil will be invited to the University

to give lectures to graduate and post graduate students. The Agreement to set up the

chair was signed in Sao Paulo on 29 September by the Ambassador of Ireland, Michael

Hoey and the Vice Rector of the University of Sao Paulo, Dr. Franco Lajolo. The decision

to establish a Chair was a long-held ambition of Professor Munira Mutran who has been

the pioneer for the promotion of Irish studies at the University of Sao Paulo. Prof Mutran

was awarded a Degree of Literature by the University of Ireland, Maynooth in June 2008

in recognition of her outstanding contribution in developing Irish studies in an international

arena and in particular the informing spirit in its development, throughout South America.

She is succeeded by Professor Laura Izarra who will be responsible for managing the

Programme of Work of the W.B Yeats Chair of Irish Studies. Professor Munira H. Mutran

will be its guest Director. USP News –


On 29.10.09 in gratitude for his contribution in the consolidation of Irish Studies in Brazil

with the Establishment of the Chair of Irish Studies William Butler Yeats in the Faculty of

Philosophy, Languages and Human Sciences at the University of São Paulo, The Brazilian

Association of Irish Studies granted an Honorary Membership to Ambassador Michael Hoey.


Almost all the books on the list that follows form part of a private collection built up by

the author over the past nine years.


Dictionary of Literary Translators in Brazil








Cecelia Ahern, John Banville, Sebastian Barry, Samuel Beckett, Brendan Behan, Richard Beirne, Maeve Binchy, Dermot Bolger, Patrick Boyle, Edmund Burke, Marina Carr, Eoin Colfer, Seamus Deane, Siobhan Dowd, Roddy Doyle, Anne Enright, Brian Friel, Brian Gallagher, Oliver Goldsmith, Seamus Heaney, Neil Jordan, James Joyce, Marian Keyes, Patrick McCabe, Colum McCann, Frank McCourt, Michael McLaverty, Brian Moore, Tom Murphy, Edna O´Brien, Fitz-James O´Brien, Flan O´Brien, Sean O´Casey, Joseph O´Connor, John O´Donoghue, Séan O´Faolain, Nuala O´Faolain, Liam O´Flaherty, George Bernard Shaw, Somerville and Ross,  James Stephens, Laurence Sterne, Bram Stoker, Jonathan Swift, Colm Tóibín, Oscar Wilde, Vincent Woods, William Butler Yeats.


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Works are listed by Author; Title of Book, Anthology or Collection in Portuguese; Original Title in English; Translator (Translation); Place of Publication: (BA - Salvador, Bahia; DF - Brasília; RJ – Rio de Janeiro; RS - Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, and SP - São Paulo); Publisher; Date of publication; and Page numbers.  Other symbols: il - illustrated; ed. - edition; ch.2. - Chapter 2; vol. 3 - Volume 3; I-425,1,38 – denotes the Biblioteca Nacional (National Library, Rio) Index Number for the work; Funarte - Funarte RJ Library Index Number, and I L E - translations funded by Ireland Literature Exchange.



Cecelia Ahern


Agui é o melhor lugar - A Place Called Here. Translation Rosana Watson. RJ: Rocco, 2009. 383 p.


Onde termina os arco-íris - Where Rainbows End. Translation Angela Pessôa.

RJ: Relume Dumará, 2006. 391 p.  IV-472,2,04


PS, Eu te amor - PS, I love you. Translation Angela Nogueira Pessôa.

RJ: Relume Dumará, 2005. 298 p.   Interview / Filme



John Banville


Mefisto - Mefisto. Translation Celso Nogueira. RJ: Globo, 1988. 208 p.  IV-95,2,20


O Intocável - The Untouchable. Translation Marcos Santarrita. RJ: Record, 1999. 410 p.  I L E  I-425,1,38


O livro das provas - The Book of Evidence. Translation Maria Alice Máximo. RJ: Record, 2002. 253 p.  I-431,3,10


O Mar - The Sea. Translation Maria Helena Rouanet. RJ: Nova Fronteira, 2007. 222 p.

Winner: The Man Booker Prize 2005


Sobre John Banville


Izarra, Laura P. Z. “Espelhos e Labirintos Holográficos.

O processo de uma ‘nova’ síntese estética na obra de John Banville.” PhD Thesis. USP, 1995.

Published in book form Mirrors and Holographic Labyrinths: The Process of a “New” Aesthetic Synthesis in the Novels of John Banville. San Francisco-London-Bethesda: International Scholars Publication, 1999. 182 p. ISBN 1-57309-258-4 (cloth) & 1-57309-257-6 (pbk). Reviewed by Hedwig Schwall in Irish Studies in Brazil. SP: Humanitas, 2005. 343-348.


Izarra, Laura P.Z. “Interviewing John Banville”. Kaleidoscopic Views of Ireland.

Munira H. Mutran & Laura P.Z. Izarra (eds.). SP: Humanitas, 2003. 226-247.  V-242,1,43


Bittencourt, Luiz Marcello. “Interview with John Banville”.  ABEI Journal No.6 (June 2004): 203-206.



Sebastian Barry


“Assobiando para psique” - Whistling Psyche. Translation Munira H. Mutran.  SP: 2006.



Samuel Beckett (1906 - 1989)


Ato sem palavras I - Acte Sans Paroles I (Act Without Words I ).

Translation Jaques Lagoa. RJ: Funarte, 17/12/1975. A play.


A última gravação de Krapp - Krapp´s Last Tape.

Translation Maria Adelaide Amaral. RJ: Funarte, 1984. 10 p.  PT 0620l.


Cadeira de Balanço - Rockaby (Berceuse). Translation de Francês: Luis Roberto Benati.

RJ: Biblioteca da Universidade do Rio de Janeiro, 1985. A play.


Cascando - Cascando, invention radiophonique pour musique et voix.

Translation de Francês: Rubens Rusche. RJ, n.d.  A play for radio.


Catástrofe - Catastrophe (Catastrophe). Translation de Francês: Rubens Rusche & Luís Roberto Renati.

RJ: Biblioteca da Universidade do Rio de Janeiro, 1985. A play.


Cinzas - Embers. Translation Daniela Pereira de Carvalho. 2006. Unpublished. A play for radio.


Comédia - Comédie. Translation Jaqueline Laurence. RJ: Biblioteca da Universidade do Rio de Janeiro, n.d. A play.


Como é ? - Comment c´est (How It is). Translation de Francês: Ana Helena Souza.

SP: Iluminuras, 2003. 190 p.  V-215,5,37  A romance.


Companhia - Company.  Translation Elsa Martins.

RJ: Francisco Alves, 1982. 122 p., illustrations: Jader Marques Filho.  VI-370,3,2


Dias felizes - Happy Days (Oh Lês Beaux Jours). Translation Maria Jacintha. RJ: Funarte, n.d. A play.


Esperando Godot - En Attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot),

1st  Translation de Francês: Flávio Rangel, revised by Tânia Brandão e Moacir Chaves.

     SP: Abril, 1976. 190 p., 13 photographs.

2nd Translation Mauricio Arruda Mendonça, et al.

     RJ: Funarte, n.d. 3rd Translation de Francês: Fábio de Souza Andrade.

     SP: Cosacnaify, 2006. 237 p.  A play.  III-497,1,01


Eu não - Not I (Pas Moi). Translation from English & French - Rubens Rusche.

RJ: Biblioteca da Universidade do Rio de Janeiro, 1985. A play.


Fim de partida / Fim de Jogo / - Fin de Partie (Endgame),

1st Translation Amir Haddad and Sérgio Brito, 1970.

2ndTranslation João Marschner and Silvano Santiago. n.d.

3rd Translation Maria Adelaide Amaral, 1988.

4th Translation Gerald Thomas. RJ: 1990.

5th Translation Millôr Fernandes. RJ: Funarte, 2001.

6th Translation Fábio de Souza Andrade. SP: Cosacnaify, 2002. 176 p., 13 photographs. A play.  VI-184,6,8


“Improviso de Ohio” - Ohio Impromptu (Impromptu d´Ohio).

Translation Leyla Perrone-Moisés, Folha de São Paulo, Caderno Mais!, 08/09/1996. A play.


Malone morre e Dias Felizes - Malone Meurt (Malone Dies) and Happy Days (Oh Les Beaux Jours). Translation Roberto Ballalai. SP: Opera Mundi, 1973. 240 p.  IV-411,5,5  A romance and a play.


Malone morre - Malone Meurt (Malone Dies). Translation de Francês and English: Paulo Leminski.

SP: Brasiliense, 1st & 2nd eds. 1986. 160 p.  VI-336,4,60

SP: Circulo do Livro, 1988. 167 p. ANEXO II-786,2,08  SP: Códix, 2004. 172 p. A romance.  VI-46,3,55


Molloy - Molloy (Molloy).

1st Translation de Francês: Léo Schlafman. RJ: Nova Fronteira, 1988. 187 p. V-346,1,15 A romance.

2nd Translation Ana Helena Souza. SP: Globo, 2007. 264 p.  VI-359,2,48


Novelas - Nouvelles. Translation De Francês: Eloísa Araújo Ribeiro.

SP: Martins Fontes, 2006. 82 p.  ANEXO II-771,1,53


... nuvens apenas ... / ... but the clouds ...  Translation Maria Helena Kopschitz.

ABEI Journal No. 8. SP: Humanitas, 2006. 13-16. For television.


O Despovoado - Le dépeupleur. & Mal visto mal dito - Mal vu mal dit.

Translation de Francês: Eloisa Araújo Ribeiro. SP: Martins Fontes, 2008. 68 p.


O Inominável - L´innommable (The Unnamable).

1st. Translation from French: Waltensir Dutra. RJ: Nova Fronteira, 1st & 2nd eds. 1989. 137 p.  IV-382,3,40

2nd Translation from French: Ana Helena Souza. SP: Globo, 2009, 208 p. A romance.


“Pássaro Passa” - Afar A Bird. Translation Maria Helena Kopschitz. SP: 2006


“Vaivém” - Come and Go (Va et Viens). Translation Maria Helena Kopschitz.

In: O mundo e suas criaturas. Munira H. Mutran (org.). SP: Humaitas, 2006. 271-273.


Primeiro amor - Premier Amour (First Love).

1st Translation from French, Waltensir Dutra.  RJ: Nova Fronteira, 1987. 85 p., bilingual ed. Fiction.  I-63,4,51

2nd Translation Célia Euvaldo. SP: Cosacnaify, 2004, 2nd. ed. 2007. 30 p., 15 illustrations: Célia Euvaldo.



Proust - Proust. Translation Arthur Rosenblat Nestrovski.

RS: L&PM, 1986, 79 p. VI-95,5,21  SP: Cosac & Naify, 2003. 103 p. VI-150,1,35 Critique.


Teatro de Samuel Beckett. A Espera de Godot (En Attendant Godot), Translation A. Nogueira Santos; Fim de Festa (Fin de Partie), Translation F. Curado Ribeiro; A Última Gravação (La Derniére Bande), Translation Rui Guedes da Silva. Lisbon: Arcádia, 2nd ed., n/d. 235 p. (Coleção Autores Dramáticos).


Textos para Nada - Nouvelles et Textos Pour Rien e Têtes-mortes.

Translation From French: Liberto Cruz.  Lisbon: Dom Quixote, 1970. 170 p.


Todos os que caem - All that fall. Translation Fátima Saadi, revised by Angela França.

RJ: Cadernos de Teatro, nr. 121, abril/junho 1989. 24-37. A play for radio.


Vaivém; ... nuvens apenas ... - Come and Go (Va et Viens).

Translation Maria Helena Kopschitz, with suggestions from Haroldo de Campos.


“Ping” - Bing. Translation Maria Helena Kpopschitz and Haroldo de Campos. Junijornadas do Senhor Dom Flor.

Marcelo Tápia & Munira H. Mutran (eds.). SP: Olavobrás/ ABEI, 2002. 44-53. A play and fiction.


Sobre Samuel Beckett


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Brendan Behan


O refém - The Hostage. Translation Alfredo Mesquita. SP: Brasiliense, 1966. 107 p. Funarte - LB 293 


Sobre Brendan Behan


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Richard Beirne


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Maeve Binchy


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O lago de vidro - The Glass Lake. Translation Claudia Martinelli Gama. SP: Rocco, 2000. 565 p.  I-172,5,6



Dermot Bolger


“Companhia” - Company. Translation Maria Clara Boneti Paro.

In: O mundo e suas criaturas. Munira H. Mutran (org.). SP: Humaitas, 2006. 171-179. 



Patrick Boyle


“Meles Vulgaris” - Meles Vulgaris. Translation Marisis Camargo.

In: O mundo e suas criaturas. Munira H. Mutran (org.). SP: Humaitas, 2006. 133-158.



John Boyne


O menino do pijama listrado - The boy in the striped pyjamas: a fable. Translation Augusto Pacheco Calil.

SP: Cia. das Letras, 2007. 10th reprint 2008, 16th & 17th reprint 2009.  ANEXO II-788,5,48



Edmund Burke


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Uma investigação filosófica sobre a origem de nossas idéias do sublime e do belo –

A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and the Beautiful.

Translation Enaid Abreu Dobránsky. SP: Editora da Unicampo, 1993. 181 p.  VI-33,2,44


Reflexões sobre a revolução em França - Reflections on the Revolution in France. Translation Renato de A. Faria,

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Marina Carr


Ariel - Ariel. Translation Zoraide Mesquita. SP: 2006.


“Crie uma sereia só para você” - Grow a Mermaid. Translation Brunilda T. Reichmann.

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Eoin Colfer


A lista dos desejos - The Wish List. Translation Marcelo Mendes. RJ: Record, 2006. 286 p.  ANEXO II-771,2,14


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