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Louis Le Brocquy at Rio’s Modern Art Museum


(c) 2008 Peter OŽNeill (org.)




Following a fire in 1978 at the Museum of Modern Art (MAM), Rio de Janeiro, the cultural officers of the consulates of

the European Union in that city recommended to their respective governments that donations of works by European

artists be made to the MAM (poŽn).


Ireland was one of the donor countries.  The Cultural Relations Committee of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs,

Dublin, arranged through the Honorary Consulate General of Ireland in Rio for the following works by Louis Le Brocquy

to be presented to MAM in 1980.  The works have never been seen by the public.


Title                                                                            Date     Size                                       MAM Archive    Ref. No.

1.   Study towards an image of James Joyce                  1978     (53.5 x 44.1 cm / 76.2 x 57 cm)    R/0938         10219

2    Study towards an image of Samuel Beckett,             1979     (41 x 39.4 cm / 66 x 50.5 cm)      R/0967         10260

3.   Study towards an image of William Butler Yeats         s/d     (55 x 44.3 cm / 76 x 57.2 cm)      R/0936         10217



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